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WMMR–The Mid-Day

April 30, 2017

Eagle graphic My favorite Philadelphia DJ is Pierre Robert, whose show is mid-days on 93.3 WMMR. WMMR is about 50 years old, and has specialized in rock music the entire time. Pierre’s show regularly features music from the 1960s to the current day, with everything in between, including a “vinyl cut” each day. I knew that he knows absolutely everybody in the rock music business. I learned during a recent Eagles bloc that he is very interested in the environment in addition to rock music.

Pierre regularly plays blocs of music from bands; with the NFL being in Philadelphia, he naturally featured a bloc of the Eagles. The band Eagles is not connected at all to the Philadelphia Eagles football, but the juxtaposition was fun. One of the songs in the bloc was The Last Resort, which about yet another beautiful grove of trees cut down to be turned into a housing development—cynically named Paradise. Paradise had unfortunately been chopped down.

While setting up this song, Pierre went beyond the standard introductions and made some comments about the environment. This was partially in honor of earth day, but more broadly about the recent anti-environment policies from the Trump Administration. He talked about what Lake Tahoe used to be like before the developments came. He also specifically cited last week’s Executive Order to “review” the designation of environmentally sensitive National Monuments, going back over 20 years. Like me, he is no fan of this “review”, feeling as I do that these lands are precious, nationally significant natural treasures, and should stay that way.

Right on.

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