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Signs of the Times

September 28, 2014

Signs GreenI like the fact that a “green” car (PZEV, high gas mileage, etc) is given a reserved spot or two in a garage in a newly developed part of Pittsburgh (Hot Metal Flats, with lots of restaurants, shops and bars on what used to be the site of abandoned steel mills). I like even better the fact that the “green car” spaces are next to the main entrance. The area also happens to be right along a couple of the new riverfront bicycle trails in Pittsburgh. The nearby bridge does not have just a pedestrian/bike lane; it has a separate pedestrian/bike section–a different twist on multi-modal transportation.

Closer to home, this sign outside of my neighborhood GIANT supermarket surprised me. I knew that San Francisco had recently passed a law banning non-recyclable plastic bags able to used only one time). There had also been recent debate about these in Philadelphia. I was pleased to see that this particular supermarket chain is trying to significantly reduce the amount of non-recyclable plastic also.

Signs Plastic

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