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The City of Brotherly Love

April 30, 2015


Love Park is an iconic part of Philadelphia, centered on the famous LOVE statue which is practically a symbol for the city. Aesthetically and functionally, it has seen much better days. For several years, the City of Philadelphia and several design firms have been working to re-imagine and renovate Love Park. The final design features a significant expansion of green space as compared to the present Love Park. In addition, the welcome center at the southwest corner (known as the “saucer building”) will be renovated with many “green building” features.

The new Love Park will have not one, but 2 garden zones, a couple of lawns and a tree grove or two. All of this green space will surround a rebuilt main fountain. The main LOVE statue will remain, albeit potentially moved a few feet. The central visual axis of the park, which in effect connects City Hall to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and beyond, will remain.

The saucer building will be outfitted with new energy efficient translucent windows, a green roof, and significantly enhanced HVAC systems. This will reduce the building’s carbon footprint and help reconnect the building to the rest of the park, enhancing the experience of being in both.

If all goes according to plan, a new Love Park will be under construction in 2016, with the rebuilt Love Park opening by 2017.

The Design of the New Love Park

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