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Making Wasp Nests Disappear

July 30, 2014

13304646851093451167Black and White Wasp.svg.thumbI am all for pollinator bees flying around my yard. They are helpfully pollinating my garden. However, yellow jackets and wasps are not welcome near my house; they are simply building nests and posing a continual stinging threat to my family. So whenever we see a nest, my first reaction is to get some spray to get rid of the nest. I spray, the wasps and hornets float around and then eventually fly off. For years, I have used Raid because it works. However, I have long wanted to use a more environmentally friendly option.

The last time we had wasps, I saw an “eco-friendly” wasp spray in the grocery store-EcoSmart Organic Insecticide. I was dubious it would work, but I tried it. To my surprise, the Eco-Smart actually worked better than the Raid did! The wasps flew away much faster then previously, and I used less spray to do the job. I also had less residue dripping down from the nest. One can of spray got rid of 3 separate nests! I love the fact that I now have an “”eco-smart” option to get rid of wasps. Hallelujah!

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