Climate Change Solutions from All

factoryThe kerfuffle over the recent confirmation of Scott Pruitt to be the Director of the EPA has brought the issue of climate change to the fore. The general debate has been about how much governmental regulations should (or, should not) address various climate change types of issues. Count me amongst those that feel strongly that government(s) need(s) to take an active role on this. However, that does not mean that there is no room for the private sector. In fact, one can make an argument that strong involvement by the private sector will be equally as long lasting if not more so than governmental policy—due to the profit incentive. Profits have a way of outlasting elections results.

One organization, started by a former Congressman from South Carolina who used to be what is now called a “climate skeptic”, advocates very strongly for climate change solutions that are explicitly from a conservative point of view. This group starts with a conservative (i.e. limited government, free enterprise, etc.) perspective but advocates that environmental stewardship should be a critical part of the conservative agenda. I do not claim to share in the conservative agenda—but I do strongly believe in environmental stewardship.

I am thrilled that the members of that organization are making a case for implementing climate solutions. We may disagree on the relative role of government in this effort, but I can absolutely agree that climate change is not something we can hide from. The effects of climate change are not limited to “red” or “blue” or for that matter “purple” areas—they are hitting everywhere, and we need all perspectives at the table—liberal, conservative, and everything in between.

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