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Traveling is something I enjoy. It is fun to explore other cities, and other areas. I am always happy when I get an indication that a given hotel that I am staying in is implementing some sort of environmental program. But after reading the article linked below, I think I probably should just stay home. It turns out that my home region, Philadelphia, has witnessed an innovation explosion when it comes to implementing sustainability and green (building) techniques in the hotel sector.

The array of efforts is quite impressive. The efforts range from something as seemingly mundane as blankets made entirely from recycled materials to exotic as channeling bathroom exhaust fans into the main HVAC system to be re-used for pre-cooling and pre-heating. One hotel even has a rooftop garden that supplies its in-house restaurant. (Now I know why the brunch there is really, really good.) Possibly the most surprising example is a new hotel under construction that I drive past every day. It actually uses wood by-products and recycled drywall in its construction and included a “white roof” that helps to regulate heat to boot. Maybe I should ask for a tour of the site.

This article, from the Uwishunu blog published by the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (posted by Allison Stadd), gives a lot more details:

Sustainability in Philadelphia Hotels


A Previous Post about Drywall



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