Who is Duane Reade?

Duane Reade is a well-known pharmacy in New York City. Actually, it is ubiquitous. They have the large variety of goods that most modern pharmacies have nowadays—in addition to the actual pharmacy itself. One thing in particular that they have that I have never seen before is an “Eco-Club”.

The “Eco-Club” is actually an extension of its regular rewards program, known as “flex-points”. Like most rewards programs, Flex-Points offer a combination of discounts and cash rewards. The innovation with the Eco-Club is that members will get double points on “green”, or “environmentally-friendly” products. Importantly, the earned points go into a member’s general FlexPoints account, so any rewards earned can be used throughout the store.

The array of products in Duane Reade is impressive, which is part of the reason it has been a fixture in New York for over 50 years. Even more impressive is the variety of environmentally friendly products—some of which are very clever. These include paper towels made mostly from sugar cane excess, fluorescent light bulbs, tote bags—and some newer entries (“for her” such as blush, liners, tampons, and pads). The display of “green” products takes up quite a bit of shelf space.

The best part about a store like Duane Reade offering these types of products is that it has a very wide customer base—essentially a mass market audience. At the very least, people from across all economic and demographic spectrums are being exposed to environmentally friendly options across a broad array of products. At the very best, a broad cross-section of New York is buying these items, encouraging their continued production.

Duane Reade’s Eco Club


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